I have recently started learning photography, and am very fortunate to have an amazing teacher, my Photographer husband, Ryan Burger.  So to start, I want to say thank you to him for having the patience and taking the time to teach me, sometimes repeatedly photography.

To start off in my blogging adventure, I decided to share with you all my recent trip to Shuri-jo Castle.  The photographs below are a series of three shots that I feel represent a “Unique View of Shuri-Jo Castle.”

Shuri Castle

When one googles “Shuri Castle” most images that appear are of the main castle, so I could not resist taking a standard Shuri Castle photo, however where I decided to detour a bit from the norm was in trying to see different parts of the castle grounds through unique angles.

Sun Shines Down on Shuri

I was very fortunate in that my visit was late morning, so I was able to catch a Sun flare leading down the side of the castle.

Shuri Gateway

My final shot in the series is the exit stairway that takes you out of the park.  Most people do not think of turning around and taking a shot of the exit, but I found the lines leading up to the archway and the contrast of the grey stone to the bright red archway.

I welcome all feedback on my photography, and thank you for taking the time to check me out.