We heard about a new art exhibit that is kid friendly and interactive located in American Village, having a 2 year old and wanting to find something fun to do we decided to check it out. The exhibit is located on the third floor of the Ferris wheel building. We went with the intention of keeping our daughter in a stroller, but were told strollers were not allowed. We left it at the entrance and it was waiting for us at the end. After starting to walk through we realized the exhibit was very interactive and a stroller would not have worked well at all.


Within the exhibit we found several 3D pieces of art, normally known as 3D street art. The exhibit encourages you to pose with the pieces and take your own photos. I highly encourage taking a camera with you if you want to get the most out of the exhibit. We had a lot of fun posing with all the pieces. In addition to the 3D art there is a display of several pieces by M.C Escher.


These pieces let each observer see an abstract world in a different way. There is also an interactive section that has a Phonographantasmascope, basically it is a cylindrical shaped spinning wheel that has a slit in the side where you watch the images spinning around inside making it look like live animation. My two-year-old daughter loved watching the pandas flipping around in it.


At the end of the exhibit is a fun café, called Aqua Panda’s Café, where they have a variety of what they call 3D food. The selections seem to be geared mostly toward children, but they also have hotdogs, frozen drinks, ice cream, and beer. The café has a couple of children sized tables with little chairs so your children can feel like “big kids” eating at the table without a booster.

All and all it was a fun time for everyone, and we were really glad we gave it a try.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/triptrickokinawa?filter=2

Phone: 098-987-5548

Hours: Open Daily 1100 – 2100 (last entrance 2030)

Admission: 700 yen (Adults)
400 yen (aged 4 to junior high)
Free (kids 3 and under)

Payment: Yen Only

Address: 3F, Carnival Park Mihama, 15-69 Mihama, Chatan Town

Directions: From Kadena gate 1, turn left out the gate. Pass 23, you will take a left at the 3rd intersection. You will know it is correct if you see a large Ferris wheel on your right hand side. That is the building you want to go to. There is tons of parking all over American Village.