So my husband and I like to take occasional “day” dates, where we take our daughter to daycare and spend the day just us, exploring some of the places where 2 years olds cannot really go. On our last day date we decided to go to the north end of the island and visit Nakijin-Jo Castle Ruins and grab lunch at a restaurant my husband’s co-workers rave about.


Much to my surprise the restaurant is actually part of the Yanbaru Complex in Nago. We went just for the restaurant but you could easily make it a day trip by going through the park also, and then end with lunch or dinner.

The BBQ Restaurant offers a large selection of yakiniku meats and a variety of side items. We have eaten at several yakiniku restaurants and this one puts all the others to shame. The food selection offers something for everyone, so if you do decide to bring your children they will be happy too. We were the only Americans in the restaurant, but the place was packed. It appears to be a mainland tourist attraction. The staff we had did not speak English, but they were able to understand any questions we had.


The view if you are able to sit by a window overlooks the park below. So you will not be left wanting. As with most yakiniku restaurants you select the meat you want to eat and cook it at your table. This way the meat is cooked exactly how you want it. You pay a flat fee for a set amount of time, so you can go back to the buffet as much as you wish. For our lunch we paid 1,680 yen per person for 90 minutes. We actually only took about an hour, but left very stuffed. We tried all the different meats, ramen, miso soup, curry, rice, tempura, a cheesy rice dish, noodles, custards, and a wide variety of drinks. This was just the tip of the iceberg of the variety of food available.

If you find yourself in the Nago area and are craving really good Yakiniku then you should definitely try Yanbaru-Ikoi Restaurant BBQ. The facility has two restaurants, but the BBQ is on the right-hand side of the facility as you walk in. Happy Exploring and Eating!


Phone: 098-054-8515

Payment: Yen and Credit Card

Hours: Lunch: 1100-1500 (Cost 1680 yen for adults)
Dinner: 1700-2200 (Cost 1980 yen for adults)

GPS Coordinates: 26.637322,127.960145

Directions: From Kadena Gate 1, turn right onto 58. Take 58 North. You will be on this for awhile, once in Nago turn left onto 84, stay on this road. You will pass through the 84 and 72 intersection and Yanbaru-Ikoi will be on your left-hand side. There is parking on both sides of the street.