Have you ever been to a restaurant and thought it was okay, but then a couple days later you wake up in a cold sweat craving it? Well that is what Coco Ichiban Curry House will do to you. There is a reason the name translates to #1 Curry House.

Shortly after arriving on Okinawa, aka the island – as it comes to be called by people stationed here for awhile – my sponsor and coworkers introduced me to Coco Curry. At the time I thought it was okay. I was feeling adventurous that day since I was new to Japan and tried the quail egg curry. The quail eggs were unique, but the curry was the start of the dish.

Coco curry Qual Egg

I also tried the garlic cheese naan, which was amazing.

Coco Curry Garlic Cheese Naan

A couple days later I took my husband and daughter there. The place is very kid friendly. My husband thought it was delicious. On my second trip I tried the chicken cutlet curry with cheese. It was AMAZING! It soon became my go to meal when eating there.

Coco curry soon became one of our favorite restaurants. Luckily for our pocket book they sell take home packets of the curry that you can heat up at home. Just add the meat you want, we use chicken breast pattis, and rice and you are all set for a coco curry dinner in the comfort of your own home.

The take home packets also made it possible for us to share the deliciousness that is Coco Curry with our family back stateside. When we went home for a visit this past summer we were able to make them some. My sister said it was amazing. I think I created a new addict.

There hasn’t been a single time I haven’t cleaned my plate completely when eating Cocos. I hope to figure out a recipe that gets close to theirs so we are not left high and dry when we eventually move back to the states. Lucky for us that is going to be awhile.

The curry is a japanese curry so there is no underlying Indian spice. Japanese curry is know for being more meaty or veggie tasting. At cocos it appears they purée the curry to get a smooth texture. Other Japanese curries we have had were full of big chunks of veggies. I think this smoother texture makes it more appealing to Americans, hence why the main clientele at Cocos is Americans.

If you are ever in Okinawa or Japan and get the opportunity to eat at a Coco Ichiban Curry House you should. Just be prepared to start craving it.