So I know this isn’t “really” an Okinawa thing, BUT it did happen at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa so I have decided it counts.

Well back in the fall of 2012, shortly after we arrived on Okinawa, the Kadena Community Center (Schilling) held a cooking competition. Well as their guest judge they were able to get Iron Chef Morimoto to come and participate. He held a sushi making class that only a few people were able to attend, but the cooking show he judged was live and allowed people to come watch. Having an almost 2 year old at the time being able to go and watch sounded like a great idea to me. 

It was a great time and I was lucky enough to actually meet him after the competition and get my picture taken with him. (Have I mentioned I am a HUGE Iron Chef and cooking shows in general fan!) I was so excited about this and getting my photo with him that I keep a copy of it in my phone so I can prove to people I actually got to meet him. Too bad I didn’t think to get his autograph, but at least I have a photo and the memories! 

Have you met any famous chefs or people?