Whenever I go past the Camp Foster Chapel gate I always see this restaurant that has their roof covered with shisha dogs and the parking lot is always full. Well my coworkers decided to choose this restaurant for her birthday lunch and I am SOO glad she did. 

The inside offers several American style tables to keep you from sitting on the floor. (This was different than what I expected having read reviews of the place before we went. So it looks like they remodeled.) 

A truly unique part was that you could see the chef cooking behind a bar style seating area. 

Yes the place does get packed, but for good reason. The food is AMAZING! I tried the California Roll and Ramen set that only cost 1,010 yen (approximately $10 with a yen conversion of $1 to 100 yen). Everything on the plate was delicious. They let you choose the type of ramen you get and I opted for Miso Ramen. The plate also came with fried gyozas, salad, edamame, and a cup of fresh fruit. It was a complete lunch and boy was I full after. 

My boss opted to get a sushi and tempura plate which looked equally amazing. 

I can definitely see myself going back to this place in the future for any occasion. I especially can’t wait to introduce my family to it. 

Hours: 1030-2200

Payment: Yen and Cash only

Directions: Just outside the Camp Foster chapel gate across from the Fire Station on 130.