I had always wanted to make my own home decor by the way of painting, but I had always been too scared to try it. Well in January 2013 I decided to just go for broke and invest in some acrylic paint, brushes, and canvas. I started research ideas for my first painting on pintrest and online. I decided to work on a “beach” theme painting to go with the sporadic items I already had in my bathroom.


I decided to use a 12×12 canvas in the center, with 2 – 12×6 canvases on each side. I found two sea creature images that I downloaded and cut out, i then taped them to the outer canvases. I also used painters tape to tape out a saying I wanted on the main canvas. Then came the fun part. I started to paint waves across the canvas over the taped out letters and the images.


Once I was finished painting, I removed the stencils and taped letters and had my finished product. I have found overtime I have gotten better at painting, but I wanted to share my first attempt. Everyone has to start somewhere and at some time.

final photo