I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so when I saw all the Sketcher Bobs and Toms out there that have been painted, I decided I wanted to try my hand at it. I was still new to painting with acrylic paint so there are things that I would have done differently now that I didn’t know then, BUT hindsight is always 20/20. I made these back in November of 2013.

I had seen some really cute Gryffindor themed shoes and I wanted to see if I could make a pair. I started with a plain pair of canvas Bobs and penciled on an outline for the stripes.


I then started by painting the yellow stripes on the shoes.


I then painted the Crimson stripes.


Using a Gryffindor seal image I found online, I hand painted on the image. (In hindsight I should have used an acrylic paint pen instead of a brush, but I used what I had at the time.)


I was originally going to stop at this point, but I felt the left shoe was a little plain. So I decided to add the Gryffindor motto. I hand wrote the motto on with a brush.


After finishing the right shoe, I sprayed both with an acrylic sealer. I am happy with the result, and since I live in Japan these are actually stylish and not seen as too out there for everyday wearing. I really want to try and make a pair with a mauraders map in the future. Maybe I will blog about those too.