I have always liked darker colors in my bedroom. Probably due mostly to the fact that I have 2 dogs who like to pretend my bed is theirs. But after awhile the dark colors can start to drain a mood and feel blah.

So this past summer (2014) while we were back in the states visiting family in Ohio, I decided to go to the local Joann Fabric and see if there were any fabrics that spoke to me. I had the plan to make some new throw pillows to add to our bedding and to add a little bit of life/color to our room.


I lucked out and found 5 corresponding fabrics that I fell in love with, that would work perfectly with the black bedspread we already had. I knew when I saw the grey, kelly green, and turquoise and their unique patterns I had to buy them and bring them back to Okinawa. (We do have fabric stores on island but they are very limited and somewhat expensive.)

When I got home I went to work, making 3 larger throw pillows and 2 smaller ones. These went great with the pillow that already came with our bedding set. I was pleased as punch with the ending result, and now can’t wait to think of ways to incorporate more of the colors and fabric in our bedroom.