On an outing with my coworkers I was lucky enough to get to eat at Pizza in the Sky. And when they call it Pizza in the Sky they are being pretty literal. The location of the restaurant is almost at the top of one of the Mountains located in Nago.

Pizza in the sky sign Pizza in the sky 5

This results in both an AMAZING view while eating and a somewhat narrow drive up the side of the mountain.

Pizza in the sky view

Even on a weekday the wait can be a little long. I think we had a 30-45 minute wait, and that was for outdoor seating.

Pizza in the Sky Pizza in the Sky 2

The restaurant offered both indoor and outdoor seating, but even with the inside seating you are exposed to the elements. The indoor seating is all Japanese style so you sit on the floor on cushions, while the outside seating is all tables with chairs.

Inside View

The menu was really neat, since it was written on a fan.

Pizza in the Sky Menu

The food options were pretty limited. You could get Pizza, Salad, Drinks, and on Dessert option. Since we had a decent size group of people we opted to order salad and pizza and split the check.

Pizza in the Sky salad

The pizza is basically only one kind, and here is the kicker, they put corn on it. I had never had pizza with corn on it before. It was actually pretty good.

Pizza in the sky pizza

The place was very peaceful and the food was great. Definitely worth the drive and wait. I could not resist taking a selfie with the amazing view.

Pizza in the Sky selfie

Payment: Yen only

Hours: Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Thursday-Monday 11:30-7:00pm (last order 6:30pm)

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.6685117, 127.9008442