After I made my 4 year old daughter’s quilt and my new daughter’s animal wall paintings, I decided to try and make paintings for her room that would go with her quilt.


I started by finding images online of the main characters in the quilt. I then pencil sketched onto the 4, 12×12 canvases each image. Here is the rainbow brite sketch.


I then set to work painting. I started with the larger areas needing filled in then progressed to the smaller ones, until everything was filled in. Lastly I used a thin paint brush to outline the image and make it more defined. I realized after my animal paintings that some of the areas blend together if you don’t outline them after painting.


After I was done with Rainbow Brite, I moved on to a My Little Pony. I decided to go with a Princess Twilight Sparkle, one of my daughter’s favorite ponies.


After Twilight was complete, I moved onto a Care Bear. I decided to go with Lots-a-Heart since my daughter actually has this Care Bear.


The final painting I decided to make was a Strawberry Shortcake.


I loved the outcome of all four paintings, and this helped me realize that I could actually make more character paintings in the future. My daughter also loved them.