So my boss’s favorite restaurant to go to is a Hamburger Steak place called Bikkuri Donkey. I have been with him and my coworkers a couple of times.

Bikkury Donkey 3

They serve what they call Hamburger Steaks, which I equate to a cracked out salisbury steak. The flavor profile is a lot better than the steaks we are used to in the states. And they come with rice and a side salad.

The first set I ordered there was what they called a cheese set.

Bikkury Donkey 2

The next time I went I ordered a set that came with both cheese and a fried egg. I was pretty tasty.

bikkury donkey

Bikkuri Donkey reminds me of those restaurants stateside that you eat once then start craving at random times, such as White Castle. Actually, I am craving one now. I might have to see if my coworkers want to go there this week for lunch.

Hours: 11am- 2 am

Payment:  Yen only

Directions: Located on 58 south of Kadena and just north of Camp Foster.