Do you love Garlic? Have you ever been to a restaurant where every dish served has garlic in it? When I first got to Okinawa I thought that was the strangest idea I had heard. But after some encouragement from a friend and her RAVING reviews about the place, we gave the Garlic House actually called Arin Krin a chance. I fell in love with the place.

garlic house

The menu is in the Izakaya style, meaning you order several smaller dishes and share them. We decided to order several dishes. One of the best dishes we tried and have ordered several times since was the baked garlic. It was 2 whole cloves of garlic with corn and butter that was baked in the oven. Can you say AMAZING!

Garlic House - baked garlic

Another amazing dish that is on my must order list is the Garlic Butter Baked Fish. It literally melts in your mouth, even my 4 year old daughter likes it.

garlic house - fish

Another one of the must have dishes is the garlic pizza. Honestly all of the food here is amazing, I have not had anything I did not like.

Hours: 5pm to 1am

Phone: (098) 877-3971

Directions: On 58 heading toward Naha from Kadena.