Do you have a office carry-in or weekend get together to attend? Do you want a dessert that will shock and delight attendees? Well look no further than a “Sand Cake”.

Sand Cake

Sand Cake is similar in fashion to a dirt cake, however instead of Oreos and worms you get to use vanilla wafers and Swedish fish. This is great for dessert lovers who are not a fan of chocolate. The fun part of Sand Cake is that you can run with the theme and serve it in a sand bucket complete with shovel. (I do recommend either buying a new one.)

Making the cake is super easy and everyone will love the results. You start by making vanilla pudding per the directions on the box. I prefer the instant kind and easily mix it up and set it aside, I love to mix it right in my pampered chef large batter bowl so if there are left overs I can just put the lid on and place it in the fridge. (But who am I kidding – with my husband and daughter pudding never lasts in my house.)

Next you take the vanilla wafers and mash or crumble them up to resemble grains of sand. I am able to easily accomplish this in my Pampered Chef manual food processor, but putting the cookies in a food storage bag (sealing it) and pounding away can work also.

Once they are all crumbled. The layering begins. Start with a layer of pudding (approximately 1 -1.5 cups of pudding), followed by a layer of “sand” (approximately 1 cup), then repeat until you get to about halfway up your pail. You will want to slowly increase the amount of ingredients on each layer especially if the bucket is tapered and gets bigger at the top.

Place on top any “tropical” candy you wish for decoration. I like to use Swedish fish since the fish go well with the beach theme and the gummy texture compliments the softer texture of the dessert. Add a sand shovel to the bucket and you are good to go. I bet you will get TONS of compliments on this dessert. If you have made something similar let me know what your variation is.