When I first heard that Dominos had finally come to Japan, I thought they would have the normal American style pizza like cheese and pepperoni. Boy was I wrong. It took my friends ordering it on one of our game nights for me to finally give it a try. I was hesitant for a long time because of the cost of each pizza. $20-40 for a pizza just seemed way to much to spend. The pizza however was AMAZING!!! It was not like the normal greasy American pizza we were used to. It was topped with a variety of unique and strange ingredients and did not leave you with a heavy feeling when you were done eating it.

We started that night with a Cheese in Roll (stuffed crust) Quattro Premium. It was so delicious, it disappeared fast. The four pizzas on it were 1) Dominos Deluxe, 2) Avocado Shrimp, 3) Lasagna Pizza, and 4) Basil Deluxe.


Our next game night we tried out what they called at the time the Quattro Geek. It is no longer available, but looking at the picture it looks to have: 1) Ham and Mushroom, 2) Spicy Deluxe, 3) Giga Meat, and 4) Garlic Master. It was also AMAZING!!


Once we realized we could actually get the pizzas delivered to our Japanese house in Chatan, Dominos turned into one of our go to places for food when we didn’t feel like cooking or wanted something special. Actually, this past year on New Year’s Eve we splurged and ordered two of their pizzas just for us. It was AMAZING and we didn’t have to deal with crowds or cooking.


If you want to see some of the unique and crazy pizzas Domino’s Japan has to offer check out their website, which is also really cool since it allows you to track the entire progress of the pizza from going in the oven to delivery. http://www.dominos.jp/eng/


What pizza would you try that they offer?