Chicken Fajitas

Have you ever got home after a busy day and work, hoping to relax, only to remember you still have to make dinner? Well I have a quick and easy dinner for you.

Start by putting in your Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker chicken breast tenders, frozen sliced pepper, and pampered chef chili lime rub. (They have a great variety of rubs and spices if chili lime is not your thing, or just use a packet of taco seasoning.)

Place the cover on the baker and microwave on high for 9 minutes. Make sure you use oven mitts when removing it from the microwave as it will be HOT.

Once out of the microwave use the salad choppers to dice the chicken. (I honestly use the salad choppers to cut meat instead of chopping salad – they should just rename them to meat choppers.)

While it cooks use our amazing coarse grater to shred your own cheese for topping. (Did you know it is cheaper and healthier to shred your own cheese.)

Once everything is cooked put it in a tortilla and enjoy! I like to top mine with some avocado to add a creaminess to it, but it is great without as well.

Weeknight dinner done in less than 20 minutes. I call that a win.

What is your go to weeknight dinner?

– 1lb Chicken Tenders or Breast
– Frozen sliced bell peppers (or fresh if you have them and the time)
– 1 Onion sliced (optional if you are pressed for time)
– 2 tsp Chili Lime Rub (or another seasoning if preferred)
– 4 oz Colby-Jack Cheese – Shredded
– Tortillas
– Avocado sliced (optional)

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