So when we lived in Awase here on Okinawa, we had this AMAZING little hole in the wall take-out curry place that was just a couple of blocks from our house. With us being curry lovers we had to give them a try and we were so happy that we did. Their curry was more the traditional Japanese style curry which has large chunks of vegetables and meat in it. Although different from the other curry we had tried up until then, it was delicious.

8-spice curry

The place had this bright green exterior that really drew your attention. Which was good because without it we may not have found the place.


The Menu inside was pretty straight forward and provided pictures to help you with choosing which item you wanted. You really did need the pictures too because the employees did not speak English.


One of the best curry dishes that they offered was a bacon and egg curry.


Prior to seeing it on the menu and trying it we had never thought about having Bacon and Egg curry, but we do now. Actually we have made it ourselves for both breakfast and dinner a couple of times.

Shortly after we moved from Awase to Chatan we drove back through the old neighborhood to get some Eight Spice for a family picnic on the beach and was saddened to find out they went out of business. However, we were happy that we were able to eat some of their yummy curry while they were still in business. If anything this goes to show that you need to get out and try new things, otherwise you might miss out on a hidden gem like this while it is available. Have you had a similar experience, finding a hidden gem that faded too fast?