So when I first got my Silhouette cutting machine I wanted to test cut on it before attempting to make the larger wall pieces I have showcased in my previous blogs. I started thinking. What could I test cut that I could actually use. Then an idea struck. I love reading, what better way to personalize my e-reader case than to put a vinyl quote on it. Well I perused the internet for a quote that I loved and decided on this one:

“Anyone who says they have one life to live, must not know how to read a book.”

With the quote chosen I fired up the silhouette software and went to work putting the text, changing the font styles, and shrinking it to size. Once it was ready. I put the vinyl on the cutting mat and told the machine to go. What I had not considered in my choosing of font and size, was how difficult it was going to be to weed the letters out. This process took about 25-30 minutes once the machine finished cutting. As you can see from the image below some letters did not cut all the way through and some lost parts of the letter.


I did not want to just throw the quote out since I had spent so much time weeding out the letters, but I knew that putting it on the back of my case, which is used daily, would not work. So I had to think. How could I use the quote still but keep it from separating. Put it in a picture frame! I decided to put in onto scrapbook paper and frame it. Although the end result is not perfectly cut letters, I was pleased with the result and decided to share with you all my way of putting to good use a first attempt at crafting.


If you want share with me some of your unique ways of using first crafty attempts.