About my second week on island in June 2012 a coworker took me to this little Ramen Shop that he said was great. Although I hate saying he is correct, because that tends to go to his head, but he was correct. I have had ramen now from several other places, but I have to say that the miso ramen at Kagetsu Arashi is the best ramen I have ever had.

Now stateside, most equate ramen to that store bought dehydrated packaged stuff that college students live off of. That is NOT real ramen. Real ramen includes the broth which is cooked over several hours to give it a real depth of flavor, ramen noodles which are thinner than spaghetti noodles, normally cooked sliced pork, sliced hardboiled egg, and a couple of other ingredients. (I have actually taken the time to make Ramen from scratch once, I plan to share this experience later – so keep an eye out for it.)


Anyway back to Arashi. The place we frequent often (at least once a month) is a small building just outside Kadena Air Base in Chatan. However, we have discovered that it is part of a chain restaurant that is Japan wide. So if you are in Japan, mainland or Okinawa, and see this sign you can rest assured good Ramen can be found inside.


Now back to the food. Arashi offers a variety of ramen, and the way you order is by putting your money into a vending machine and pushing the button for the food you want. Luckily, their is a photo on each button showing you what the ramen will look like. Once you choose your food out spits tickets that the server will collect from you once you find a seat.

My favorite Ramen is the Miso Ramen.


But they have several other great options. Such as these which are also great, but unfortunately I can’t recall their names.



Also if you are not a ramen fan, but still want a delicious meal. You can try their garlic rice. Which is AMAZING and one of my go to foods there. It is their version of fried rice only the egg surrounds a mound of rice and you mix it all together in a sizzling plate. They top it with a garlic butter sauce that is wonderful.


I am getting hungry just thinking about all the good food they have there. Have you ever tried real ramen? Share with me what you thought.