So awhile back I shared my first attempt at making my own Harry Potter Themed shoes. Although, I liked my Gryffindor themed shoes, I felt that they were not as good as I imagined. When I first decided to decorate Bobs or Toms, I had envisioned something similar to what I see all over Etsy. So after thinking back on what I did, I decided to give it another try. This time instead of using acrylic paint to decorate the outside I opted to try fabric pens. I found these Zig fabricolor pens at a local Japanese art supply store.


I then ordered a pair of canvas colored sketcher bobs from Amazon and waited the week or so until they arrived. And if you are like me and when you get an idea you want to do it NOW that waiting part was probably the most difficult. Once the shoes did arrive. I looked up images of the Marauder’s Map online. I also looked at the end results other people that sell them had to get inspiration.


I started first by sketching the building on the outside of the map on the left shoe front in pencil. Once I had the outline on it, I went back over it with the brown pen. After overcoming my fear of making a mistake I decided to forgo the pencil first and just started drawing directly onto the shoes.


I decided to put the saying and Messrs portion from the map on the right shoe front. To highlight some sections and add a little bit of contrast I put the names all in black instead of the brown.


For the sides of the shoes I decided to keep it a little more on the simple side. I chose to put on the inside “Mischief Managed” across the two shoes with little foot prints all about.


And for the outside I put the “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”.


I love the end result.



I can’t wait to spray them with a waterproofing sealer and start wearing them.


If you were going to decorate your own shoes what theme or design would you do?