So when I decided to spend the money to purchase a Silhouette Cameo Machine I first did research to find out all the different ways I could use it. I was mainly buying it to make my own wall decals, but I wanted to make sure I would be able to use it after that. But I will get more to the cameo in a minute.

I had this empty space above my kitchen cabinets that I wanted to fill with old wine crates, but locating old wine crates on Okinawa is almost impossible. Everything shipped here is done primarily in cardboard so as to avoid transferring bugs. I gave up my search after a couple of months and decided to use these fabric bins instead that I was able to purchase at the local hardware store, Makeman.

My first thought was to use the iron on t-shirt transfer paper and put a winery decal on the front of each, but all that did was melt the material. So I was back to the drawing board. Then I remembered, silhouette sold all these different kinds of starter kits. Well one of the “starter kits” they sell is for fabric stenciling. I decided to go for it and try to use it to decorate my bins.

Using the cameo and the stenciling vinyl that came in the kit, I designed and cut out a Wine bottle, glasses, and wine name stencils. I then put the stencil on the fabric bins I purchased (securing them down with tape so they would not move) and started dabbing them with the fabric ink that came in the kit. The ink and finish reminded me of the old newspaper ink, which gave it an older not so perfect feel that I loved.

wine bin

wine bin2

I ended up making five bins that fit great into my space.

Wine Bin Final

If you have used fabric ink and stencils before, I would love to hear what you did with it.