While driving along the east side of the island, down 329, coming back from the most northern point on Okinawa, we came across this small white building with the sign calling it Café Kubama. Although the building was small it offered a great ocean view. We decided to give it a try and we were very pleased with the results.

The place was small with tables arranged to provide customers with views of the ocean and some privacy. We had our daughter with us at the time, but I could see this being a great place for a date night.

Cafe Kubama3

I opted for a pizza (I like to try out different pizzas whenever we find a place that offers them). It was perfect for one person and delicious.

Cafe Kubama

My husband tried out their curry (he is a huge curry lover so like me with pizza he likes to try out curry whenever given the chance.) His curry came with a salad that was so artfully arranged we were said to see it get destroyed through eating, but honestly we weren’t that sad because it was just as good as the curry. Did I mention I like to try his food too, which he HATES – but he loves me so he lets me.

One thing that we got a HUGE kick out of was the fact that the chopsticks, or hashi as they are called in Japanese, came out in a packaging that had what looked like Totoro from one of our favorite Studio Ghibli movies, My Neighbor Totoro. I think that sealed my husbands love for this restaurant.

Cafe Kubama4

The final item we ordered on this trip to Café Kubama was a grilled cheese for our 4 year old daughter. Now this wasn’t just a normal grilled cheese. The chefs there went over and above trying to surprise our daughter and make her happy. They imprinted it with a Mickey Mouse design. Now I know they probably had a special Mickey Mouse Press in the back that did it for them, but the fact that they even offered this is great. That right there tells you it is a very kid friendly place.

Cafe Kubama2

The staff was very friendly and we know we will be going back.

Directions: From the Camp Hansen, turn right on 329 and drive about 8-9 km. Café Kubama will be on your left, right across from the huge red roofed cream colored apartment complex. It will be a white building with parking next to it.

Phone: 090-1945-5573
Payment: Yen
Hours: 11:00 – 6:00