When we had our second daughter last November I knew I wanted to make her an animal face pillow just like I did for her big sister. (I hoped this time it would turn out a little better.) I already had the pattern simplicity 2198. 

All I needed was the material (which I had leftovers I could use from my other daughters) and my sewing machine to get started. A couple years ago I invested in nicer sewing machine and honestly it was the best thing I ever did. It completely changed sewing for me. It went from hours of fighting with my bargain machine to quick and easy sewing. I have the Brother PC-420 and I love it. 

But enough about my sewing machine, let’s get back to the pillow. I decided for my new daughter to make her a Bear face, my 4 year old already had the monkey and I wanted them to be different. 

I started by cutting all the peices of material and pinning them together according to the directions. I then started sewing the peices together. 


 Here is the pillow all sewn together ready to start stuffing.



My next step was to stuff the pillow. Being overseas in Okinaw sometimes you are limited on crafty supplies, one such limitation is pillow stuffing. Either you can’t find it or if you do you pay a lot to get just a little bit. Well I started thinking how else can I get stuffing. I was wondering around the BX and thought what about using a bed pillow for the stuffing. And sure enough getting a twin size bed pillow was a fraction of the cost to just buy stuffing. I bought 2 pillows so I would have enough stuffing. 

It worked great. My four year old even helped me stuff the pillow for her little sister. 

I was happy with the end result and so was my daughter, granted it is bigger than she is but she will grow into it.

I was happy that this animal face pillow turned out better than the first one I made back in 2011. Here is a side by side comparison. It just goes to show the more you do something the better you get at it.