So most days I am a by the book recipe follower, mainly because my husband says when I tweak recipes things have a tendency to go wrong. Which is true sometimes. 

Well I decided to throw caution to the wind and create my own specialty burger. Below are the details of what I did, but the end result was amazing. 

I started with ground beef that I formed into pattis with Lawrys Seasoning Salt and Pampered Chef Three Onion Rub. Since there are only 3 “real” food eaters in my house I took the 1lb of beef and formed 3 burger patties. I set those aside while I prepped the other ingredients. 

Next I sliced 1 medium size red bell pepper and half an onion. I kept them in slices that are similar to what you find in fajitas. 

Then I fired up my Pampered Chef double burner grill pan. Living in Okinawa it is great to have an indoor grill option for when it is too hot to go outside or it is raining. Anyway, I digress, once the pan is heated I added the patties to the back of the pan and the onions and peppers to the front.

I then placed the grill press on top of just the burgers to help weigh them down. 


I cooked everything about a low-medium hear level. Typically a 4-5 if you have numbers. While the items “grilled”, I decided to try my hand at making my own avocado ranch dressing. I had read another recipe that mentioned it and I figured it can’t be that hard to make, and I was right.

I started with 1/2 and avocado and added 1/4 cup of ranch dressing to my manual food processor. I then went to town mixing it up until it was smooth. I then added salt and pepper to taste. It was delicious and super easy to make.

Once that was complete it was time to get my burgers, peppers and onions off the grill pan. 

Then came the fun part of building my burger creation. I started with a wheat bun slightly toasted, put the avocado ranch sauce on the bottom bun (put a very generous amount), then put the burger pattis, top with sliced cheddar cheese, then lay the grilled peppers and onions, and close with the top of the bun. The end result was amazing. My husband joking said it should be called “The Hulk Burger” but I liked the idea I decided to run with it.

Have you made your own specialty burger?


1lb ground beef

1/2 tsp Lawrys seasoning

1/2 tsp Three Onion Rub

1 medium red bell pepper

1/2 onion 

Sliced cheddar cheese

Wheat hamburger bun

1/2 avocado

1/4 ranch dressing

Salt and pepper to taste

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