Do you love ice cream? You would not think it, but Okinawa is famous for ice cream. Anyone who has been to or on Okinawa is aware that Blue Seal Ice Cream is an Okinawa Staple, but most don’t realize that the company has been around since 1948. It started as a US shop on a military installation here, but really took off with the locals and has essentially “grown-up” on Okinawa.

You can find Blue Seal shops just about everywhere, but our favorite one is located outside of American Village in Chatan.


At Blue Seal they have a variety of ice cream flavors and specialty dishes and drinks. One of the most popular and creative flavors is Benimo, it is the famous Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato turned into a semi sweet ice cream.

They also have the famous “Bubble” teas and drinks. You can get them in a variety of flavors such as milk tea, pineapple, and many others. My favorite is the bubble mango juice with soft serve vanilla ice cream. For those that don’t know, the “bubbles” are larger tapioca pearls, that really don’t have a flavor.

BS - bubble drink

My daughter really enjoys chocolate so one of her favorites is the Chocolate Parfait they have. It is truly a creation, including chocolate ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, nuts, chocolate syrup, and corn flakes. Yes you read that right corn flakes with ice cream. I used to think it was weird to put cereal with ice cream, but I am actually starting to get used to it and it does add an interesting crunch to the dish.

BS chocolate parfait

The “top dog” dish that they offer at Blue Seal is called the “Mountain”. It is a giant ice cream that has probably 30 or so scoops of ice cream on it in the shape of a mountain. It includes one of each of the different flavors offered by the shop, including the sorbets. In the three years we have been on Okinawa, we have seen only a handful of people get this dish and most of those where little kid birthday parties.


Well when we had family visiting a week ago, we decided to splurge and go for broke. We took them to blue seal and ordered the “Mountain” to share. We had 4 adults and 1 child and were just barely able to finish it.

My daughter and husband were in heaven, both of them LOVE ice cream.

bs - mountain ry

And just for fun and to be able to show how MUCH ice cream there was I even posed with the ice cream before we all started digging in.

bs - mountain me

The ice cream is also available in take home containers too, so you can enjoy them now and later. If you want more information about Blue Seal or to find a location near you, if you are on Okinawa, here is a link to the website. Blue Seal

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