If you are like me you have a youngester at home that have a favorite character. My daughter currently loves Disney Princesses. Ever since I made the set of four painting for her room she has been begging for me to make her a Cinderella. 

I had decided to go ahead and make her one and at the same time surprise one of my best friends stateside with some paintings for her and her kids. My daughter was so excited she watched the whole process.

This time however I thought ahead and decided to take pictures of my process so I can help others make their own creations. 

I will show you how I did it with the Ariel painting I made. I started with a small canvas and an image that I found on the Internet. I then freehand sketched the image onto the canvas with pencil. 

The next step was to fill in the large sections with the main colors. Like the image below.

Then I went back over the paint with a black acrylic paint to add in details and definition. I find that doing this really helps to bring the painting to life. 

Here is another example of the process with the care bear Good Luck Bear.

The sky is really the limit on what all you can make yourself. I have now made a variety of princesses and other  characters. Below are just a few examples. And yes I did make my daughter the Cinderella and an Auroa for her little sister. 


   Have you tried making your own painting, if so leave me a comment and let me know about it. 

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