So you are probably thinking I miss titled this post. A molten lava cake in just 12 minutes? It’s crazy right? Nope. It is actually so quick and easy my husband was recently able to make it for a work carry-in while at work. 

Your cooking vessel will be your Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker.  You start with a box chocolate cake mix, ingredients from the back of the box, normal oil, eggs, and water. (I have heard you can substitute a can of pop for the ingredients but I have not tried it yet.)

Put all the ingredients in the baker and mix together. 

Next place in lumps on top chocolate frosting from a can. You don’t need it to be spread or anything just dump on top.

Place the cover on the baker and microwave on high for 12 minutes. When it is done dish it up and serve with ice cream or whipped topping. 


It is sure to be a crowd pleaser and I bet there will be nothing left just like my husbands.

 It is so easy and yummy, I might make one tonight. What is your favorite easy and quick dessert? 

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