I love going to the beach and collecting seashells and sea glass. Lucky for me I live on Okinawa where there are a TON of beautiful beaches, so I have been fortunate in finding lots of “treasures.” The problem is what do I do with the BAGS of stuff I have found. 

I have scoured the Internet and Pinterest to get ideas, but I wanted something that I could send home to loved ones and friends. Then an idea struck one day while I was shopping at a 100 yen store. I had come across a small glass jar and decided to make a beach jar for my best friend. 

I started with the jar and added in sand, some pieces of sea glass, and a seashell or two. 

Then I picked a piece of origami paper that I thought complimented the items in the jar to use with a label. I wanted to use origami paper since it is Japanese and the gift was coming from Okinawa, Japan. 

I next chose a plain color paper to write on. However, instead of handwriting a message I decided to use the sketch pens I received for Christmas to make a more professional looking tag. 

I fired up my Silhouette Cameo software and machine and went to work designing and tracing.  I came up with this catchy quote to attach “Sky, Earth, and Sea. A piece of Okinawa. To You, From Me.” 

I then cut out the label, punched a hole through it and attached it to the jar with ribbon. I was very happy with the end result. 


Have you made a beach craft or treasure? Leave a comment and let me know all about it.

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