I like to try out different styles of art or crafting, so recently I decided to purchase some water color pencils (see link to what I purchased here Water color pencils) and some water color paper (Paper) and try my hand at making water color art. I researched online how to use the pencils before starting.

After research I had to pick a picture I wanted to try to recreate. Since I live in Okinawa and had the opportunity to take photos of cherry blossoms in bloom I decided to pick one and try to make it water color.

Here is the picture.  
I then sketched out in pencils an outline of the image.

I then added more color and filled in the outlines with more pencil color.

Next came the fun part. Adding water. Some of the research suggested using a spray water bottle, but I did not have one so I opted to use water in a cup with a paper towel to dab up the excess. 

I went to work putting water on it and using the paper towels to smooth out the colors and remove excess water. I was very happy with the end result and once it dried it was even more beautiful.

Have you ever tried using water color pencils? Leave me a comment and share what you made. 

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