If you have moved around a lot then you know that new window treatments sometimes don’t come with a place. Since we have moved to Okinawa we have lived in 3 places, and unfortunately none of the places came with window treatments. Each time we moved we have been faced with purchasing or making new curtains. In our current house however we had 6 very skinny and long windows. 

Trying to find curtains in this size turned out to be a huge challenge. So I decided to buy already made curtains that were available and modify then to fit. I found curtains that met my length requirements and purchased a package. 

Then I measured the width and discovered the curtains I bought could essentially be cut in half and work. So I went to work cutting them.

Next I pinned each curtain and sewed each with my sewing machine on a simple stitch.


Once the sewing was done, all I had to do was add the clips to hang them and hang. 

I was super happy with the results and I saved myself the cost of having to special order curtains. 

Do you have a simple DIY fix for otherwise odd shapes items? If so leave a comment below and share. 

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