So I will say that I love baking. However,most days decorating a cake is my arch nemesis. I can never seem to get the icing right. However, when my 4 year old daughter informed me she wanted her daddy to have a Vader cake for his birthday, I knew I would need to decorate a cake. 

I started a couple weeks before and searched online for ideas. I saw a lot of different Star Wars and Darth Vader cakes, but the kind that seemed the coolest and easiest were ones that used action figures. So I looked online and found an action figure set that included Darth Vader. 

Next I tried to figure out how to ice/decorate the cake to incorporate the figures. Since I really dislike decorating with icing, I thought I would try my hand at using fondant. I had never used it before so this would bet first time. 

I started with the premade Wilton brand white fondant. I let my daughter decide the color and she said she wanted it blue. I added food coloring to the fondant and worked it in with my hands by kneeding it until it was blended. I will recommend that you wear gloves if you can unless you would like to have smurf hands for days after. You will then want to roll out the fondant in the shape of your cake wide enough to drap over the cake.

Once the fondant was ready, I took the already baked and iced cake and placed the fondant on top almost as if I was placing a table cloth. One technique I saw online and used was to lightly roll the fondant to help with rolling it out on the cake. Just start at one edge and work across. Then use a smoothing tool to get rid of any air bubbles. Next cut off any excess fondant. 

Next it is time to decorate. I had found while purchasing the fondant and smoothing tool, a letter fondant cutter similar to a cookie cutter. Since writing is not my strong suit I went ahead and bought it. I was so happy I did. I went ahead and used some of the leftover white fondant and cut out Star Wars and Happy Birthday Daddy. Then I used a small star cookie cutter to add stars to the top. I strategically placed the lettering and stars on the cake. The final touch was to add the figurines. 


Although it wasn’t perfect, everyone was really happy with the result. Including my daughter who helped me bake it and cut out the letters. 

I have a feeling I might be using fondant more in the future of I have to decorate anymore cakes. 

Have you used fondant? If so leave me a comment and share your experience. 

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