I love coffee and the smell of coffee. So when I needed to come up with a center piece for a Thanksgiving table I decided I wanted something that involved coffee and candles. After searching online for ideas I came up with the idea below.

I started first by finding all the items I would need: 

Coffee beans about 1/2 lb

Square glass candle holders (I found a set of 3 that included different sizes)

2 Vanilla pillar candles

1 Vanilla tea light candle with foil wrapper

Corn husks 

String (I went with dark brown because it complimented the coffee beans)

This is what my handle holder looked like before adding anything.

The first step for the candles is the take the corn husks and wet them. This will soften the husk and allow you to wrap it around the candle. Once you have the candle wrapped, use the string and tie it around the candle and wrapped husk. This will help to keep the husk in place. 

You want to do the same thing for both larger candles. Now for the tea light you want to wrap the foil holder and not the candle. This will allow you to reuse the holder once the tea light burns out.

Next put the coffee beans into a bag to help you easily pour them out.

Place your wrapped and tied candle in the glass holder and start to pour coffee beans around it.

Put as much or as little coffee beans as you want. I personally like just enough to secure the candle and add an accent.

Complete all 3 and arrange them however you want. Your finished project will not only add character to your table or display but also bring a vanilla coffee scent. 



Have you tried making your own accent candles? Leave me a comment and share your experience.

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