If you have a young child, like I do, then you have probably tried to make a fun breakfast for them. Well while wanting around Pinterest I came across bunny pancakes which were so adorable I decided I wanted to make them for my daughter.

I started by making a pancake batter using my Betty Crocker cookbook. Once my pampered chef double burner griddle pan was ready I made 4 pancake shapes. I started with 1 larger round body, 1 smaller round for the head, and 2 longer ones for the ears. (Since my pan was large enough I multitasked and made bacon at the same time.)

Once the pancakes are done (you can tell it is time to flip them when they start to bubble less) you can start the creating process.

Start with the body, and ears on the bottom, then place the head on top. I then put a bunny tail on it with whipped cream.  You can also add eyes with chocolate chips if you want, but I wanted it to look like a bunny back view.

Just add their favorite side, such as bacon and you have a fun breakfast. 

Have you made a kid friendly breakfast before? Share you experience in the comments. 

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