I have been saving for almost 3 years beach treasures that I have collected each time I have wandered down a sandy beach here on Okinawa. Well I finally decided to get them out and use them to decorate my own picture frames. 

Now I have to start by saying I have been collecting a variety of items from seashells to coral to sea glass. For a project like this you will want to have a variety of items to choose from, because honestly you never know what design you will want to go with.

The first step is to wash all your beach items. I let them dry completely before progressing. If you are in a hurry you can always use a hair dryer to blow dry them.

Next find a picture frame or two that you want to decorate. Since I wanted to go with a beach and clean look I opted for white frames. Any type should work. The ones I used I bought at the 100 yen store (essentially like a dollar store back in the states.) 

Next is the fun part. Start arranging your beach items on the frame in whatever design or style that you like. This is where your creativity and imagination should soar. 

Once you have the design you want, you start the process of hot gluing your peices in place. I have tried other glue options, but I find the clear hot glue to work the best. 

  Just make sure you use enough to keep the peices securely in place. 

Leave your frames to cool and harden for several hours or overnight if you can.

These are my three finished frames, however I decided to make it a family affair when I had family visiting and helped them make their own Okinawa Beach Treasure Frame. It was something they will be able to keep as long as they want and know they not only made the frame, but found the treasure peices themselves. 

Have you made a beach treasure? Share in the comments what you made. 

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