if you have a young child at home you know how much they like to read and tell stories. Since my 4 year old loves to show what she is talking about when she tells a story I had decided to get her a story board. I have seen different versions online and decided I could make one myself. 

I started with a plain canvas that is wrapped to a frame, normally called stretched. You can go with whatever size you want. I opted for an 11 x 14 so she had lots of room. This is similar to the one I purchased. Canvas

Next you will want felt cut to about 2 inches longer and wider than the frame. I used white, but you can be as creative as you want. You will wrap the felt around the canvas and staple it to the back stretching it tight as you do this. Your felt board is now done, but not complete.

Next you need characters. For our first set I google old macdonald characters and printed them out on card stock in color. I them used contact paper and wrapped the sheet on each side. I did this before I had my own laminating machine, but either way will work. Next cut out the figures. Finally I added Velcro dots to the back of each character so they could stick to the board. These are the dots I used, but just looking at Amazon they have a lot of different options. Velcro dots


My daughter loves getting this out and using the different characters to tell stories. Have you made a storyboard? If so leave a comment and tell me all about it and what characters you made. 

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