If you have a child in school or daycare then you too have been faced with the “take-home” project where the facility sends each kid home with a project and the parent is supposed to help them do it at home. Well when my older daughter was almost 2 the daycare she was at decided to have each kid make a “bag costume.” 

Each child was sent home with a large brown bag like you would find at the grocery store and they were supposed to bring it back on a certain day with it being a costume. I searched all over the Internet and found several ideas, most of which surrounded lady bugs or bumble bees, but I wanted something more unique. I figured since I was the one actually making the costume I wanted it to be special and something I was proud of. If I haven’t mentioned before I am a pretty big scifi nerd so when I started thinking of small characters it was a logical leap to think of R2-D2. 

Once I had my idea I looked up images of the adorable and memorable character and started drafting ideas. Since I was using a brown bag as the base I decided to use construction paper to cut out the shapes I needed to make my R2-D2 costume. I started first by cutting a “seam” down the back and arm holes on each side. I then covered the whir thing in white paper with glue, then added on the shapes. I was very happy with the results and the teachers at school thought it was adorable. 

I was able to snap a shot of my daughter in the costume. 

Have you ever made a brown bag costume? Of so leave a comment and let me know what you did. 

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