Shortly after moving overseas to Okinawa I saw a bowling pin decorating contest going on at the bowling center on Kadena. Since I enjoy making crafts and love a challenge I decided to enter and try my hand. I knew there were lots of different ideas out online about making snowmen bowling pins or even ghosts, but I wanted something unique that would be my own. 

Right around that time the Despicable Me 2 movie had come out and the evil minions were all the rage, so I decided to try and make an evil minion bowling pin.

I started by spraying the bowling pin in a matte white paint. I let it cure overnight. I then looked up different evil minion images online to get an idea on which version I wanted to make. I found this picture that I used as my inspiration.

I then proceeded to paint the entire thing in a purple acrylic. For the arms, I found rubber hose from the local hardware store and painted it purple to act as the arms. For the hands I used 2 Mr. Potato Head hands and wrapped them in black electrical tape (end look was glove like) and it helped secure the hands to the arms. To attach the arms I screwed them directly into the bowling pin with a power drill and painted over the screw with purple paint.

For the feet I took large Easter eggs and cut them in half. I then wrapped them in electrical tape and hot glued them to the base of the bowling pin. For the outfit I used some leftover black fabric and fit it to the bowling pin and sewed by hand the overalls and the evil minion logo. To secure it, I did have to sew it on the bowling pin. 

For the hair, I used purple yarn and bunched it up to make it crazy looking. I hit glued the yarn bunch to the top of the head. I freehand painted on the single eye and cut the snaggle teeth from white felt. As for the goggle, I painted a toilet paper roll that I cut down silver then added a strap to hold it with black ribbon. I put a tab of hot glue on the back of the minion to hold the ribbon and goggle in place. 

I was very happy with my end result and have since making my Evil Minion made several others that I plan to share out here on my blog in the future. I even knitted my minion a scarf so I could keep him out during the Christmas Season. 

Have you decorated a bowling pin or do you have an idea you would like to see me try? If so leave a comment below.

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