I have to start by saying that in the two years now that I have been decorating bowling pins this one was the most challenging and coolest one I have made. I knew when I saw the contest advertised last year I had to top my minion the year before and after seeing some of the other entries I really had to step it up. I started searching and searching and came up with the idea of using the bowling pin and a base and expanding from it with clay. I really wanted to see if I could make a Maleficient. 

I started the project off like I normally do by spraying the entire bowling pin with a matte white spray paint.

 I let it cure overnight to make sure it was completely dry. I then went to work adding clay to the face and head and started sculpting. I opted to use crayola air dry clay (which did crack a little while drying) because I was not sure if I could put a bowling pin in an oven or not. I sculpted the horns individually away from the head and then added them after they were formed. To get the “wrapped” look that she has in the live action movie I took flat strips of the clay I rolled out and cut and wove them around the horns. For her face I tried to keep with the style of high pointy cheekbones and full lips but I kept her more cartoony than Angelia-like. 

I let the clay dry for several days until it was completely dry. Before using acrylic paint to bring it to life. While it dried I created her cape by taking some black fleece and added some purple fuzzy yarn to the collar and front. 

I also created her wings. Yes I decided to go the live action route with wings. At first I tried to make the wings with a coat hanger material and feathers that I glued onto it, but that was disastrous. I mean horrible. I had to chuck it and start with a fresh idea. I looked up several different ways to make wings and I found one idea on a cosplay costume making site. They used paper and layered it in varying sizes to created wings. I thought this sounded like the best idea yet and I already had wire and black construction paper. 

I cut out 5 different size wing layers to use. I made 4 of each one. This give a front and back for each of the 2 wings. When layered they ended up looking like this.

I glued wire in the center of each side of the wings and drilled 2 holes in the back of the bowling pin. I used glue to secure the wing wire once it was in the pin. The cape I made covered the drill holes and helped to hide the wire from view. 

To hide the blend line for the sculpted head I glued black leather straps around the joining section to act as a choker necklace. 

The final touch was making a staff for Maleficient. Since she did not have arms I decided to make a free standing staff that would rest in front of her. I used a bent metal coat hanger and used clay to form the staff. Once it and the center ball piece were dry I painted them. 

Seeing her from the side really gives you a good idea on just what her face and horns ended up looking like. 

I was so happy with the end result that she sat proudly in the center of the other bowling pins. I even placed in the contest with her, which was just another added bonus. 

Do you have another idea for a bowling pin creation? If so leave me a comment, I will need one for this years competition. 

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