So when I found out we were having our first daughter back in 2010 I knew that I would need a diaper bag. I looked around, but could not find one that I really loved or that would hold everything I thought I would need to carry around with me. (First time mom syndrome – I know.) Also around the time, was when one of my best friends introduced me to Vera Bradley purses and bags and started my love of them.

So when I found a large Vera Bag that looked like it would hold everything I wanted and be stylish in the outlet I jumped at purchasing it. I also was able to find a large cosmetic case that matched it. I planned to use the large cosmetic case to keep diapers and wipes. It felt like it was a perfect match. The only draw back, was the lack of a changing pad cover that went with it. Here I am in early 2011 with the bag. (This shows you just how big of a bag I thought I needed.)

Since I was just starting my journey of being more crafty (I had successfully made new cushions for a used glider rocker – I will talk about that more in a later post) I decided to try my hand at making my own. 

I started with plain cotton fabric in two shades of blue and one dark brown that matched the bag colors. I cut the light blue and brown material in matching rectangles that were about 2 feet wide by 3 feet long. I wanted something that would easily cover a changing table. I then secured the two sides together and stitched a quilt like square pattern across it. This not only helped tie it to the quilt style of Vera Bags, but also secured the sides to each other. The last step was to add a boarder that was about 1/2 inch wide total so it went over on each side about 1/4 inch. Once that was stitched in place I had my completed travel changing pad cover that matched my new diaper bag. 

I was really happy with the end result. And actually am using it now with our second daughter, I actually have a reason to need a large bag like this now that we have two girls. 

Have you found creative ways to make your own diaper or kids bag work for you? If so share in the comments. 

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