Last week I mentioned my new found love of crafting started shortly after I became pregnant with my first daughter. Instead of purchasing brand new baby furniture we opted to go the less expensive route and purchased used furniture from my older sister who was getting ready to sell it all. Well within the furniture we bought there was a white glider rocker with pink gingham print. Although we found out early enough that we were having a girl, we decided to keep the nursery and the decor more gender nuetral so we could use it again if we had anymore children. Plus the fabric on the chair was worn from years of use and a little stained. 

I decided to try my hand at making my own cushions and refinishing the ottoman. I started with a McCalls pattern (M4855), unfortunately I chucked the pattern after using it, but I did find this picture of it.

I say I started with the pattern, because I used it as a baseline. The glider I had was a little bigger than the measurements for the pattern so I had to modify it slightly to fit my glider. Also for the arm wrap pieces my glider’s arms were covered, where the pattern did not include this. So help me figure out how to make these, I pulled apart the old pink arm rests and used them as a pattern for the new ones. 

I opted to go with a tan and white polka dot cotton fabric that I could purchase a lot of and not break the bank. I believe I purchase probably about 10 yards of fabric, but you don’t need that much. I did it just incase I messed up or if I wanted to make something else for the nursery. I will have to say that I was glad I purchased so much extra, because I ended up having to make a second seat cushion before my second daughter was born. 

This is what my glider looked like the first time I made it. For the seat cushion I thought I could get away with stuffing it with pillow stuffing, but after sitting in it a lot it went flat. 

 You can see from my picture above with my dog Malfoy sitting on the cushion how it gave a little too much.

Well the second bottom cushion I made, I decided to use something alittle more sturdy. I looked for cushion foam, but living overseas my options were either nonexistent or way too expensive. It would have been cheaper to just buy a whole new glider set. So I searched for an alternative and came across the idea of using the foam mattress topper. The one that looks like egg crates. I opted for a king size topper that ran me about $20 total from my local base exchange. The king size gave me just enough to make one very think cushion. I layered the foam alternating the egg crate side together. I ended up with about 3 layers total. I then used the previous pillow stuffing to fill in the outside edges and add an little more cushion to the top. I was very happy with the end result and so was my husband.

Although when I first finished it seemed like the cushion was TOO big, but over time it has deminished in size. 

Not only has it been great for those midnight feed its, but it is the perfect place for our two girls to cuddle before bed.

Have you reupholstered something? Leave a comment below and share.

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