I am a pretty big Star Wars fan, so much so that both my car and desk are decorated in Star Wars. So when I saw some of the cute tissue box covers at some of the more eclectic stores here on Okinawa that took stuffed animals and make them into covers I decided that would be my next craft project. I originally wanted a cover for my car which I have dubbed the Millenium Spike, but my love of Yoda had me gravitating toward making one for my Yoda themed desk at work. 

I started first by purchasing a stuffed Yoda. I opted for the new Pillow Pet version you can find here on Amazon, because the dimensions seems appropriate for a square tissue box. That and the price wasn’t one that would break the bank if this didn’t succeed.

This is what he looked like before I started. The first thing I did was find the tools I would need. A seam ripper, scissors, gallon size food storage bag (for the stuffing I was going to remove), and need and thread. 

To start I removed the seam along the bottom and back of Yoda. Just to the dark brown waist band. 

 This allowed me to remove the center stuffing and gain access to the arms, legs, and head.
Next I freehand stitched close the legs and arms. This keeps them looking good, but prevents stuffing from falling out as you replace tissue boxes. 

Before I stitched close the head portion, I removed the seam that went along the back of the neck just above the collar before the start of his jumpsuits. I planned to use this as my tissue opening. I figured the white fluff of his hair would hide the white tissues coming out. 

Next to help the tissue box fit a little better I removed some of the seam going along his side and sticthed an elastic band. I now the view is not that pretty, but since he came with a removable cape I planned to use the cape to mask some of the less refined portions.

I only did the elastic on one side. The other side I left alone as you can see in the picture below.

All that was left was to add the cape/jacket and he was complete.

He ended up being a great addition to my desk at work. 

Have you repurposed a stuffed animal into something else? If so leave me a comment and tell me about it.

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