When I was pregnant with my second daughter last fall I started a hobby of crocheting hats and tried my hand at making a pumpkin newborn size hat for my soon to be newborn who would be born shortly after Halloween. Since that hat was short lived because Brynna was born with a larger head then I would have guessed, I recently decided to make two new hats for both my girls for this Fall Season. 

Using the basic instructional videos from one of my favorite crochet YouTube channels, Name berry, I set to work knitting both a 12 month – 3 year old and a 4-10 year old orange hat. The basic stitch type and count for each are listed below. I used three colors of yarn to make my hat, orange, dark brown, and dark green.


Chain stitch 5, slip stitch closed. Put 12 double chain stitches through the center of the chained 5. Next row, 2 chain stitches then 24 double (2 in each of the 12 from the row before) next row, 2 chain stitches and 1 double chain stitch followed by 2 double chain going back and forth to get 36 total stitches. In the forth row you will go 1 double, 1 double, then 2 double and repeat until you have 48 stitches total, for the fifth row 15 single double chain stitches followed by 2 double chain stitches and repeat until you have 50 total. Then you will have roughly 10 more rows of single double chain stitches to get the length. (You can find step by step instructions on the link above.)

4-10 years:

Same first 4 rows, then in the fifth row you will have 7 single double chain stitches followers by 2 double chain and repeat for a total of 54 total stitches. Then you have the 10 rows of single double chain stitches to add the length. 

Once I had both hats knit I went to work knitting the brown stems for each. I started with 4 chained stitches joined at the end. Then I had 3 rows of 10 double chain stitches. I made sure to leave a good amount of yarn at both ends that I would use to attach it.

The next step was to make the two green leaves for each hat. I started by chain stitching 8 stitches, but instead of closing it off I started single and double crocheting. In the first hole I did a single crochet, followed by a double, then two triple crochets, followed by a double, then single. The last stitch was a slip stitch to close. I repeated this process 3 times to get 4 total green leaves. Again make sure you leave a good amount of yarn on each end.
Once I had all the parts ready I went to work attaching.


Using a special crochet needle, I started with the stem and went to work basically seeing it to the top of the orange hat. 


Once I had it attached I secured it by tying off the loose ends inside the hat. 

I repeated this process with the leaves for each of the hats of setting them a little from the stems.

I loved my end results and so did my two little pumpkins did too.

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