I recently saw this great video done by buzzfeed food that showed you how to make your own poptarts using puff pastry. I really wanted to try my hand at making some, but I don’t normally keep puff pastry around. I started thinking of what else I could use and realized I had a can of crescent rolls in my fridge. So I decided to use it instead.

I started with the crescent roll dough, jams and Nutella for filling options and already made icing. (You can’t have a strawberry jam filled poptart without frosting!)

I layed out my pastry mat and went to town rolling the crescent roll dough into thin and larger sections. It helped that my 4 year old daughter Tegan loved doing this part. 

Once the dough was flat enough, I cut it into 8 equal sections.

Because I wanted these a little smaller I cut each of those 8 into half. Next I brushed egg white wash on the outside edges of each of the sides.

Then I spooned the filling into the center. 


We decided to make Nutella poptart as well as strawberry. 

Next I layed one half on top of the other. 

Next I used the tines of a fork to press the two halves together and decorate the edge a little.

I also punctured little holes on top to keep the poptart from bubbling up as it baked. I layed them out on my Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan. I brushed egg white on the top of all of them and sprinkled a little white sugar. 

Next I baked them at 350 degrees for 18 minutes or until then started to brown.

Next I spread on a little frosting to our strawberry poptarts. Although since the poptarts were still hot they melted and oozed all over. This could be good or a little to gooey messy. 

We added these poptarts to scrabbled eggs and hash browns and enjoyed an amazing home cooked breakfast. 

These were kid tested and mother approved! 

Have you made your own homemade poptarts? If so leave a comment and share what you did. What was your favorite filling? 


1 roll crescent roll dough


Strawberry or other fruit jam


Egg white

White sugar
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