When we moved overseas 3 years ago we were not sure how much space we would have in our new place. I was a big holiday decorator. I loved changing over accents and colors to match the season, but with the unknown we decided to leave all holiday decor except for our Christmas Tree and Stockings in the states in storage. 

Honestly this was a great decision for us, since storage is not a big priority here in Okinawa. The houses just don’t have a lot of storage space. However, going on our second year in island I broke down and decided I wanted something that would be more fall themed. 

I found two wreaths of different sizes at a local 100 yen store and decided to see what else I could find to decorate them. Everything just seemed to fall into place, because the next thing I knew I found fall colored flower bunches and ribbon. It felt like a perfect match. 

Once home it took me only about 20 minutes to arrange and hot glue the accent pieces (flowers and an accent bow) on and secure the ribbon. I loved the end result, which helps to bring a little color into our house in the fall and it only cost me about $3 per wreath to make. 

Have you made your own fall themed decor or wreath? If so leave a comment and share what you did. 
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