When I started researching ideas to help my daughter learn what she needed to know for Kindergarten I came across a lot of ideas for creating an Activity board that would include weekly letters, numbers, and calendars. I already had a magnetic white board so I decided to use it and create our own.

I knew I wanted a calendar so I created one in excel and printed it out on card stock. I also printed out the month and numbers 1-31 in 4 different colors. I wanted to have each month be different from the previous so my daughter realized it was a new month. 

I decided to go with Yellow, Red, Orange, and Green. I printed them all on cardstock paper and used my paper cutter to get clean lines. I was happy with the end result.

I also decided to add in a Letter of the Week, Number of the Week, Vocabulary of the Week, How I feel Today, daily weather, Tense (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) Identifiers, and Artwork of the Week (my daughter really loves to draw.) I found printable cards on the Internet that I printed out on card stock. 

I used some of the card stock paper to create envelopes that the extra cards could be kept when not in use. 

I found that customizing our chart to what interests my daughter like the artwork and what we wanted her to learn was key. Additionally it can be updated when she learns it to cover new subjects. 

If you have made a learning activity board leave a comment and share what you did to make it your own. 

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