So if you remember my other bowling pin decorating posts I mainly focused on pins that I made by myself. Well last year around Christmas my daughter’s daycare decided to also participate in the pin decorating contest, however instead of decorating the pins at school they sent them home with the kids asking parents to help. What fun. 

Well I wracked my brain tying to think of something unique that would not be too difficult that my daughter would be able to help make and would encompass a Christmas theme. I know other parents would automatically gravitate to a snowman or Olaf idea, but I like to be different.

We both looked at the pin and realized it had a shape similar to a Christmas Tree. Then an idea struck. Make a Christmas Tree bowling pin. I could have wrapped it is green garland, but my daughter wanted to be involved so I came up with the idea of using her handprint as the “tree.” We started by spraying the whole thing with a white matte spray paint, once that was dry we layered her hands up the tree in varying shades of green to give a leaf like effect. 

Then we took red pipe cleaners and wrapped and hot glued (I did that part) it up the tree to look like garland. Next we glued Pom poms all over it to look like ornaments. My daughter choose where each one would be placed. 

The final touch was the topper. We decided to do a paper star since my daughter loves the star shape. We took yellow construction paper and cut 3 identical stars (I did this by using 3 sheets of paper and layering them, then cutting.) I place the stars on top in a 3D triangle like shape and glued them down. 

My daughter and I loved the end result and now we have our own tree to pull out every year. 

Do you have a Boeing pin idea? Share it in the comments. 

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