Living overseas away from family has its challenges. One being the limited ability for family to see your children grow and get homemade gifts. Last Christmas while looking for ideas online I came across a great idea to give grandparents “Mistletoes”. The idea I saw used just 1 pair of toes, but since I have 2 girls 4 years apart I thought doing them both together would be a great idea. 

I started by looking for something to put the “toes” on. I found wooden plaques at a local 100-yen store. I also found gold ribbon and red pom poms. Once I had all the supplies ready it was pretty easy to put it together.

I started by having my four year old place her foot painted dark green on the board, we then put my newborn foot painted light green on top. Once they were dry I hot glued the ribbon and Pom poms on and added “Mistletoes.” 

I was really happy with the end result and we sent one to each grandparent for Christmas. Now they will have a Christmas decoration that is homemade and encapsulated their granddaughters “mistletoes.” 

Have you made a similar grandparent DIY gift, if so leave a comment and tell me all about it.

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