Ever since moving overseas I no longer get the advantage of going to family’s houses for the holidays, so I have been experimenting for the past several years on turkey recipes. Well this year I found a keeper. Three words – Bacon Wrapped Turkey. Now I know this isn’t in time for you to use this year for Thanskgiving, but I wanted to share it for those that like Turkey at Christmas. 

The recipe is actually pretty easy. I started with a blend of spices, garlic powder, onion powder, three onion rub, rosemary herb rub, and garlic rub. I used 2 tsp of each and 2tsp of salt. 


I started first by rubbing the whole turkey with butter (I used a whole stick of butter). Then coating it with the rub.


Next I place the entire package of bacon layed across the top of the bird over the butter and rub.


Next I cooked the bird at the recommended temperature and time on the packaging. For mine which was a 25lb bird I cooked it at 325 degrees for 5 hours. For the first hour I cooked th bird uncovered.

This helped to give the bird some color. 

I basted it at 1 hour then covered it with foil. This helped to keep the moisture in. I made sure to baste it every hour. Then at the last hour I removed the foil. 

I find basting in addition to the bacon to be key to having a moist turkey. 


The end result was not only BEAUTIFUL but it was amazingly moist. Everyone who attended out feast commented on how good it was. The moisture also remained when reheated in the microwave. 

If you are still searching for a great turkey roasting recipe, then I highly recommend you give wrapping it in bacon a try. You won’t regret it. You can’t go wrong adding bacon.

Have you tried bacon wrapped poultry? If so leave me a comment and share your results.

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