If you have an artistic preschooler than you probably have tons of crayons and markers lying all around the house in various places. And if you are like me with dogs that like to eat both, you know how messy and colorful it can become when the dogs find those hidden stashes. 

While looking around online for how to make my daughters alphabet box, I came across the idea to make an art box. And honestly the idea was so simple I was shocked that I had not thought of it before. My powers of ultimate organization must have been faulty. 

Basically, you find a small tool box. You can get one of these at any hardware or superstore. I found ours at the local Makeman which is a hardware store on Okinawa for about 1,200 yen. 

I wanted something. That would be small enough for my daughter to carry, but big enough to hold all her supplies. I lucked out and found this one that had two moving shelves and the ability to sit flat when it is completely open. I felt this was key to not having everything go spilling out if it tipped over. 

We started first by sorting all her art supplies into the different sections. Crayons loose on the bottom, markers in the middle shelf, and pencils in the top section. 

The last part was to decorate the top and outside. I wrote her name across the top two sections with permanent sharpie markers and she went to town decorating it with Frozen stickers she had. 

Tegan was so proud of her art box that she carried it around with her for hours coloring and drawing to her hearts content. And the bonus is the box keeps crayon eating dogs from getting them. No more rainbow colored dog poo for this family. 

Have you made your own kids or adult art box? If so leave a comment and tell me about it.

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