When our Footbowl League team decided to choose the Vikings to represent I went on the search to find a shirt to wear to each league night. The problem was, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a shirt I would one wear for a couple weeks. Then low and behold Amazon had a deal on Viking Shirts but they were men’s shirts. I went ahead and bought it and decided to try my hand at altering it. 

I started by looking online for videos or tutorials to give me ideas. Then I went to work.

The first step was to remove the stitching from the collar on the front of the shirt.

I then cut the removed section in half.
Then I drew a line in a V down the front and cut off the shirt material.

I then stretched the removed collar down the V and pinned them together.

I then stitched each side down, leaving the front flap unstitched.

 Next I pinned the front flap and stitched it.

Once the V neck was done I went to work making the sleeves tighter. I fitted them more to myself first with safety pins then changed then to normal pins for seeing.

 I pinned all along the under arm sleeve, then stitched it.

The last modification was to add a little bunching or ruche to the bottom of the shirt. I did this by adding some elastic and gather the shirt in small bunches.

I was happy with the end result.

Have you modified a shirt? If so leave a comment below and tell me all about it. 

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